A Warm Welcome To Our New Team

In step with current expansion and growth plans, Kudun and Partners Limited are delighted to welcome new partners, Khun Chinawat Assavapoke, and Khun Saravut Krailadsiri commencing July 1st, 2018 with their support team led by senior associate Khun Jugrid Dnchalermnon.
Khun Chinawat, Khun Saravut and the team bring a wealth of experience to Kudun and Partners as taxation and M&A specialists particularly as it relates to M&As and corporate restructuring.
Kudun Sukhumananda shared his excitement “Chinawat, Saravut and team are a tremendous find for our firm and provide a depth of expertise to propel us to further heights. We share an untraditional law firm-business philosophy critical in this fast-changing world that lawyers will have to step out of their “legal only” practice to comprehend the surrounding business environment, in order to provide sound business advice with full legal compliance.
The reputation of Khun Chinawat’s team exceeds them as successful business and legal advisors on tax implications with regards to corporate acquisitions and restructuring thereby saving companies millions in the process”



Chinawat Assavapoke

Khun Chinawat (Golf) has spent the past over 20 years dedicating his focus on the area of tax law. With an LLB from Thammasat University and LLM in Taxation from the University of Washington, his representation extends from the largest Thai public companies and airlines to foreign banks as well as high net worth individuals/families:

Litigation cases and tax counsel for major multinational automakers, sport shoe manufacturer, liquor and computer technology companies on tax related issues with the Thai Customs Bureau.

Minimizing the tax implications through corporate restructuring pre-IPO via business spin-offs.

Landmark representation of a major airline with respect to tax loss carryover as well as issues related to a property fund and lease-and-lease back structure.

Advising foreign financial institutions on project financing tax issues including FACTA and ISD.

Counseling emerging technologies and implications of blockchain tax issues

Chinawat shared his enthusiasm “Kudun & Partners provides an excellent match with our vision of acting as hands-on business and legal advisors and building long-term clients through going the extra mile to exceed expectations and deliver the best value. Our depth of experience with taxation helps complete the core competencies for KAP and we are excited about our future opportunities”



Saravut Krailadsiri

Saravut (Jo) has worked closely with Chinawat (Golf) during the past nearly 20 years. Also holding an LLB from Thammasat University with an LLM in Private Law from Thammasat, Saravut shares expertise in tax law with respect to M&As, Energy (Oil & Gas), Power Plants and establishing international tax headquarters for managing complex businesses:

Legal and tax counsel for the entire business transfer of all the subsidiaries of a company doing solar business.

Tax manager of PTT Exploration and Production PLC as relates to the exploration and production businesses and taxes on investment structures.

Advising property developers on tax structures for real estate acquisition as relates to income tax, withholding tax, VAT, SBT, stamp duty and House and Land tax.

Providing tax management and planning for setting up the proper entity for development projects in ASEAN countries


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