Our team is experienced in acquisitions and dispositions in a wide range of industries. With in-depth industry-specific knowledge and experience, we have represented a variety of sectors, assisting them in all stages of both domestic and cross-border mergers and acquisitions.  We can help you analyze and tackle all hurdles providing practical solutions to optimize and achieve your goal.

Mergers & Acquisitions

  • CCN-Tech Plc (Tender offer)
    Deal Value: THB 161 M, Apr 2017
  • Ferrum Plc
    Deal Value: THB 550 M, Nov 2016
  • Padaeng Industry Plc through its subsidiary, PDI Energy Co., Ltd
    Deal Value: THB 490 M, Dec 2016
  • Jardine Cycle & Carriage Limited
    Deal Value: USD 615 M, Mar 2015
  • Sea Oil Plc
    Deal Value: USD 42.5 M, Jan 2015
  • Shareholders in MMSVS Group Holding Co., Ltd
    Deal Value: USD 29.7 M, Nov 2014
  • WHA Corporation Plc
    Deal Value: THB 43.7 B, Nov 2014
  • Wave Entertainment Plc
    Deal Value: THB 650 M, July 2014
  • Master Ad Plc
    Deal Value: THB 661.5 M, May 2014
  • Nomura Asia Investment (Singapore) Private Limited and Capital Nomura Securities Plc
    Deal Value: THB 3,365 M, Apr 2014
  • Major shareholder of Thainox Stainless Plc
    Deal Value: USD 346 M, Oct 2011
  • Health Network Plc
    Deal Value: THB 9.8 B, Feb 2011
  • PTT Plc and its subsidiary, PTT Retail Business Company Limited
    Deal Value: THB 160 M, Sep 2009
  • CPF Investment Limited
    Deal Value: USD 22.8 M, Aug 2009
  • Thailand Carpet Manufacturing Plc
    Deal Value: THB 75 M, Jan 2009
  • Thanachart Bank Plc and Scotiabank, formerly Bank of Nova Scotia, Scotiabank
    Deal Value: THB 7.1 B, Jul 2007
  • Asia Debt Management Hong Kong Limited