| Thanyaluck Thongrompo

Kudun and Partners Leads the Way on Legal Insights into the Entertainment Complex Bill

With the recent approval of the draft Entertainment Complex Bill, B.E. … (“Entertainment Complex Bill”) by the Entertainment Complex Policy Parliamentary Committee and its subsequent submission to the House of Representatives in March 2024, Kudun and Partners has taken a leading role in this legislative development. Led by our partner Thanyaluck Thongrompo, we have partnered in a “Think Tank” collaboration with PrimeStreet Group, Thailand’s premier boutique investment banking and management consulting firm, to deliver thorough information and expert analysis from the idea’s inception, particularly regarding the establishment of entertainment complexes.

Our comprehensive study addresses several critical aspects of the proposed legislation. We provide a balanced analysis of the potential benefits and challenges associated with the new laws, alongside an outline of the expected timeline for the bill’s passage and enactment. This gives a clear perspective on how these laws could impact various stakeholders and helps businesses prepare for upcoming changes. Additionally, the report includes a proposal that entertainment complexes should be located within a 100-kilometer radius of specific international airports in Thailand, in designated tourist provinces, and in designated border provinces.

We also delve into the requirements for obtaining permits and licenses for both online and offline gambling operations, ensuring compliance with the new regulations. Furthermore, we identify the key regulatory bodies responsible for enforcing the new laws, providing businesses with a clear understanding of the oversight landscape.

Although the Entertainment Complex Bill is still in its early stages and may take several years to finalize, this groundbreaking legislation offers significant opportunities for business operators and represents a major shift in Thailand’s approach to gambling regulation. The bill has far-reaching implications for the country’s economy and legal framework. These opportunities extend not only to gambling business operators but also to those who see potential in businesses that should be located near the entertainment complex, such as convention/exhibition centers, hotels and resorts, shopping malls, amusement parks, and restaurants.

Kudun and Partners is uniquely positioned to provide exceptional guidance during this transformative period. With our extensive experience in regulatory and legal matters related to gambling and entertainment, we offer unparalleled expertise and insights. Our team has a proven track record of helping clients navigate complex legal landscapes and capitalize on emerging opportunities. In close collaboration with PrimeStreet Group, we offer one-stop service solutions for businesses looking to enter this lucrative market.

For more information on the Entertainment Complex Bill and its potential impact on your business, please contact Kudun and Partners. Our dedicated team is ready to provide the strategic advice and support you need to stay ahead in this evolving industry.