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Innovation and technology are at the heart of Thailand’s ongoing transformation, and Kudun & Partners is at the heart of this sector’s growth. Thailand 4.0, the economic model poised to finally push the country over the threshold of being a high-income economy, is prioritising the development of smart industry to achieve this goal.

This forward-thinking attitude is something Kudun & Partners is uniquely equipped to help both investors and companies make the most of. Our team consists of some of the most prolific tech, media and telecoms lawyers in Thailand, offering a broad range of legal advisory services. Our extensive experience, particularly on startup companies, is further exemplified by our representation of over 30 companies from one of the leading startup accelerator houses in Thailand.

We approach every transaction from a strategic and deeply commercial perspective, helping our clients meet and exceed their business objectives.

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We help companies in these revolutionary industries achieve their aspirations while ensuring legal compliance in this ever evolving spectrum:

  • Initial company set up including startups
  • Entry strategy and structuring
  • Data privacy and protection
  • Legal advice for startups
  • Tax planning
  • Foreign ownership restrictions
  • Licenses and BOI approvals
  • FinTech
  • Cybersecurity
  • Technology disputes

About Kudun & Partners

Kudun & Partners is the law firm that thinks like a business. We combine decades of experience advising telecoms, media and technology companies with a fresh, dynamic and solutions-oriented approach to legal advice. We have also established our reputation as the go-to law firm for startups seeking to push forward their new ideas and disrupt the market. We have curated various types of unprecedented business agreements and contracts, provided advice that is uncommon in the traditional legal spectrum and moving towards unchartered territories, which many other law firms are not willing to explore due to uncertainty in the rules and regulations and laws.

We build partnerships with every client and exhaust every avenue to optimise business operations, identify strategic and JV partners and exceed objectives. Clients also have access to our extensive network of auditors, accountants, HR professionals, financial advisors, property valuation experts and government entities to assist in their transactions.

TEL: 662 838 1750 FAX: 662 838 1795