Chanamas 是泰国鲲鹏律师事务所(Kudun and Partners)的律师。她在为本地和国际客户提供知识产权法(尤其是商标法)方面的咨询方面具有丰富的经验。她的专长涵盖了多个行业,包括金融服务,时尚,个人产品和药品。



Significant recent transactions and projects in which Chanamas has been involved include:

  • Defending a major securities firm against the former directors of AWS in three labour cases which may not fall under the labour court’s jurisdiction due to the directors’ partnership statuses.
  • Advising and defending one of the leading financial securities company against an investor in both civil and criminal cases in relation to the investor’s loss from investing in warrants, equities, and Blocktrade of BLAND.
  • Defending a securities company in the withdrawal of resolutions at the Annual General Meeting 2019 against its shareholders.
  • Acting for one of retail stores in a THB 400 million claim (USD 12.8 million) arising out of the administrative order due to land expropriation in Chonburi Province.
  • Acting for investors against an issuer in three criminal cases arising out of the use of false documentation in order to make the investors believe that they were genuine documentation thereby wrongfully obtaining the investors’ properties.
  • Defending a well-known securities firm against an investor in a civil case arising out of the forced selling of Blocktrade which was impacted by EARTH’s price.
  • Advising and defending one of securities companies in an administrative case arising out of an administrative order to punish the company for its forced selling of Blocktrade which was impacted by EARTH’s price.
  • Defending a major electricity generating company against the local civilians in an administrative case as the local claimed that the company’s operation was causing pollution.
  • Defending a high net worth individual in both civil and criminal cases against another who claimed that he and his son collectively made and used false documents to transfer his shares.