Kwanchanok 是泰国鲲鹏律师事务所(Kudun and Partners)的律师,她在为本地和国际客户提供公司法及商业活动方面有着丰富经验(包括起草和审查商业合同) 。她的专长涵盖多个行业,包括建筑、制造、通信、可再生能源、物流、食品及医疗。



Significant transactions and projects in which Kwanchanok has been involved include:

    • Conducting due diligence and KYC procedures to verify client’s profile and advising on potential risks due to illegal intentions on business relations.
    • Conducting risk and regulations check, and provide advice and alternative solutions on initial public offering and listing opportunities.
    • Reviewing agreements related to joint ventures and venture capital and translating The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulations from Thai to English.
    • Drafting of memorandum on optical joint venture, letter of exclusive and confidential negotiations, and asset due diligence purchase questionnaire.
    • Assisting in transaction process for letter of credit and translating regulations of the Bank of Thailand (BOT)’s financial and business department.
    • Providing legal advice and services on the ministerial regulations and rules regarding exportation or taking out of foreign currencies from Thailand and negotiable monetary instruments including contacting The Ministry of Commerce for exchange control and notifying Thai Custom officer.