Breast Cancer Awareness Activity 2022

Breast Cancer Awareness Activity 2022

On the occasion of Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2022, our firm organized a photo-taking session on Friday, October 21 at 3 pm. This session is a part of a global effort to raise awareness about breast cancer, one of the world’s most prevalent types of cancer. Often times, the disease has been overlooked by males. However, breast cancer can affect both men and women. Thus, it is not only important for us to contribute in terms of showing our support, but also to shed light on the often-misunderstood disease.

Our firm also prepared pink ribbons, the universal symbol of breast cancer awareness, on Friday for our team to wear. From a simple piece of ribbon affixed with a pin, we will be able to show our support for those battling with breast cancer and illustrate our hope for their healthful future.

Background Information

Government agencies, medical societies, and nonprofit organizations work with survivors during October to raise money to fund research, educate women about the importance of getting regular mammograms, and detail prevention and early detection methods.


    • Breast cancer incidence has increased in Thailand over the past 20 yearsand currently has the highest incidence of all female cancers;
    • The age-specific incidence rates begin at about 35 year;
    • In 2022, it has been estimated that there will be 287,850 new cases of invasive breast cancer diagnosed in women; 2,710 cases diagnosed in men;
    • In 2020, there were 2.3 million women diagnosed with breast cancer and 685 000 deaths globally;
    • As of the end of 2020, there were 7.8 million women alive who were diagnosed with breast cancer in the past 5 years, making it the world’s most prevalent cancer.

About Kudun and Partners CSR Initiatives

Kudun and Partners remains committed to contributing back to the community through our various CSR initiative. We understand that our responsibility goes beyond advising clients and it is imperative for us to help the communities to which we belong. We want to inspire not only our colleagues but also our clients and friends to make a difference. Our CSR is mainly focused on the top UN Sustainable Development Goals, which are:

    • No Poverty;
    • Zero Hunger;
    • Good Health and Well Being; and
    • Quality Education.

Should any of you have any interest or ideas in CSR activities, please do not hesitate to reach out to the BDMC team.