KAP team donates blood to support KAP’s Blood Donation Drive

blood donation

The World Blood Donor Day is an occasion that allows us to express our gratitude to blood donors, raise awareness about the importance of voluntary and non-remunerated blood donations, and emphasize the need for regular donations in order to ensure the safe availability of high-quality blood and blood products for patients.

Kudun and Partners had dedicated the entire month of December 2021  to KAP’s Blood Donation Drive, with the theme of “Give blood and keep the world-beating”, as part of our continuous efforts to contribute back to the community, many of our team members volunteered and donated blood at The Thai Red Cross Society and Police General Hospital to support the firm’s initiative and to keep the blood bank in Thailand well stocked.

This donation is part of KAP Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program of contributing back to the community through our various CSR initiative. We understand that our responsibility goes beyond advising clients and it is imperative for us to help the communities to which we belong. We want to inspire not only our colleagues but also our clients and friends to make a difference.

If you wish to know more about our firm’s CSR program, reach out to us at bdmc@kap.co.th