| Emi Rowse (Igusa)

Kudun and Partners hosts CIArb event: “Interview with SIAC Registrar Kevin Nash on Thai-Related International Arbitration at SIAC: Trends and Practical Insights” at the Grand Hyatt Erawan Hotel, Bangkok.

Vanina Kevin Emi

Kudun and Partners was invited by the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb) Thailand branch to host and provide the opening remarks for CIArb’s first in-person event in several years featuring guest speakers, Kevin Nash, SIAC Registrar and Dr. Vanina Sucharitkul, Chair of the CIArb Thailand Branch. Emi Rowse Igusa, partner and head of Japan practice at Kudun and Partners, made the opening remarks, highlighting the changes in the arbitration landscape in Thailand and the increasing number of Thai related arbitrations at SIAC.

kevin Vanina

Dr. Sucharitkul and Kevin Nash shared their unique insights on highly relevant topics such as the trends that SIAC is seeing with Thai-related arbitrations (including nationalities of parties and sectors), what more can be done to promote arbitrations in Thailand, how the SIAC secretariat works, innovations at SIAC to meet users’ demands to reduce time and costs of arbitrations and many practical tips for practitioners conducting arbitrations.

emi rowse

Emi Rowse Igusa commented: “It was a great pleasure hosting this event for CIArb. It was an insightful and rich discussion with many practical tips and suggestions for practitioners and clients. SIAC is a popular arbitration institution choice for many of our clients so it was good to hear first-hand the latest innovations at SIAC and how to promote arbitration in Thailand. Kudun and Partners is committed to keeping up to date with the latest arbitration developments for its clients and supporting the arbitral institutions and community in Bangkok and the region.”

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