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Thailand to Introduce Game-Changing Multiple-Entry Medical Treatment Visa Valid for 1 Year

Medical treatment visa

Thailand’s government is on the process of launching a groundbreaking multiple-entry Medical Treatment visa (“non-MT visa“) with a generous one-year validity period, aiming to solidify its position as a premier international medical hub. The Subcommittee on Developing Thailand into a Medical Service Hub, authorized by the Ministry of Public Health, recently convened to craft the framework for this visionary visa program. In pivotal sessions held on November 30, 2021, and November 15, 2022, the Cabinet endorsed resolutions for the “1-Year Medical Treatment Visa,” signaling a bold leap towards implementing the non-MT visa.

Presently, foreign tourists seeking medical care can secure a single-entry tourist visa for a 60-day stay, a single-entry non-immigrant visa for a 90-day stay, or a single-entry medical treatment visa for a 90-day stay. The impending introduction of the new non-MT visa heralds a paradigm shift, enabling foreigners to access extended medical services in Thailand.

Key highlights of the non-MT visa program include:

1. Inclusivity: Patients of any nationality are eligible to apply for the non-MT visa, catering to a wide range of medical needs such as cancer treatment, cardiovascular care, severe non-communicable diseases, health restoration, organ transplants, cosmetic surgeries, dentistry, and anti-aging procedures.

2. Comprehensive Support: Immediate family members (up to 3) of the applicant can apply for the non-immigrant O visa, facilitating seamless companionship during the medical journey.

3. Hospital Partnerships: Foreign patients are required to schedule appointments with accredited hospitals endorsed by the Ministry of Public Health, ensuring world-class healthcare standards.

4. Documentation: Necessary documents include a confirmation letter from the designated hospital, proof of relationship with accompanying family members, personal health records, a bank statement demonstrating financial capacity (minimum THB 800,000 per person), and health insurance covering USD 100,000 or THB 3,000,000.

5. Regular Reporting: Applicants must report to immigration authorities every 90 days, ensuring compliance and continuity of care.

6. Fee Structure: The anticipated visa fee is approximately THB 5,000 per applicant, with a nominal extension fee of THB 1,900 per extension, offering affordability and convenience.

The impending launch of the non-MT visa is expected to revolutionize the medical tourism landscape, positioning Thailand as a beacon of excellence in healthcare services within ASEAN and beyond. This visionary initiative is primed to catalyze substantial economic growth, presenting unparalleled opportunities for investors and stakeholders alike.

Please note that the criteria outlined are preliminary and subject to potential refinements. Stay tuned for official announcements from the government authorities for any updates regarding these criteria.

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