Korapat is an associate with Kudun and Partners. He is a corporate lawyer who is well versed in advising both domestic and international clients in the areas of corporate and commercial laws, public limited companies laws, securities and exchange laws, foreign business laws, investment promotion laws, labour laws, e-commerce laws and data privacy laws (Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562 (PDPA)). His industry experience extends  across multiple areas including manufacturing, trading, logistics, banking, construction & engineering, telecommunication, food & beverages and pharmaceuticals & healthcare.


    • Thai
    • English


    • LL.B, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand

Professional Qualifications

    • Notarial Services Attorney, the Lawyer Council of Thailand
    • Member, the Lawyer Council of Thailand

A selection of matters in which Korapat has been involved include:

Corporate and M&A

    • Conducting legal due diligence assessment on business operations including providing employment law advice in various industries such as manufacturing of jewellery, logistics, manufacturing of curtains, trading of oils for industrial machine industries and electronic products;
    • Providing legal advice on various business integration alternatives, such as restructuring, spin-off, amalgamation, EBT, PBT, share transfer, as well as the pros and cons and legal implications of each alternative from the corporate, licensing, agreement, asset, and employment perspectives.
    • Preparing strategic plans and implementing M&A projects in various industries such as automotive parts manufacturing, tires manufacturing and the banking sector.
    • Assisting clients in advising and planning stakeholders’ communication, licenses’ transfer, import/export planning, and employees’ communication.

Data Privacy and Protection

    • Conducting PDPA gap analysis involving identifying the lawful basis of processing and non-compliances in various industries including banks, global food & beverages companies, pharmaceutical for humans and animals, hotel, automobile manufacturing, trading of telecommunication devices, engine oils/lubricants manufacturing and distribution sector.
    • Preparing privacy documents including privacy policy, cookie policy, consent form, consent withdrawal form, right request form, data processing agreement (DPA), records of processing activities (ROPA), and providing PDPA training to staff.

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and Investment Promotion (BOI)

    • Providing legal advice including identifying, resolving, or mitigating non-compliance issues related to the Foreign Business Act (FBA).
    • Applying foreign business licenses to operate various businesses
      such as toll manufacturing, lending, factory/office space rental, advisory and management (e.g. HR, business planning, administration, IT, logistics, warehouse functions, purchasing planning, inventory), sub-licensing, wholesale, retail, aftersales, technical support, marketing and sales promotion, accounting, legal, manpower, management and storage of goods and EPC.
    • Applying for BOI certificates to operate promoted activities of IBC, TISO including foreign business certificates.

Labour and HR

    • Providing legal advice on labour matters including employment, work rules, leave, holiday, minimum wage, salary payment, employment transfer, employment termination, resignation, collective bargaining agreement, change of working conditions and unfair termination.
    • Conducting labour compliance check and assisting HR on employment separation.

Commercial Contracts

    • Drafting various kinds of agreements including joint venture agreement, shareholders agreement, share purchase agreement/instrument, business transfer agreement, confidentiality agreement, non-compete and non-solicitation agreement, sale and purchase agreement, overdraft facility agreement, operating lease agreement, office rental agreement, distributorship agreement, employment agreement, debt forgiveness agreement and intercompany service agreement.

SEC/SET Regulations

    • Providing legal advice on reporting of shares/NVDRs acquisition (every 5%), mandatory tender offer (every 25%, 50%, 75%), concert party, acquisition and disposition of assets, connected transactions and disclosure of material events.