Kudun and Partners Recognized as Thailand’s Employer of Choice 2023 by Asian Legal Business for the second year in a row.

thailand's employer of choice

Once again, Kudun and Partners is recognized as one of Thailand’s Employer of Choice, 2023 by the Asian Legal Business, alongside some of the longest standing law firms in Thailand.

The recognition of our firm as the Employer of Choice is reflective of the firm’s forward-thinking and paradigm-shifting strategy since its founding in 2015. At the heart of our philosophy is an unwavering emphasis on teamwork, mutual respect, and support, which we cultivate as a closely-knit family. We are dedicated to fostering unity, promoting equality, and encouraging fairness in all aspects of our operations. Our open-door policy empowers employees to voice their opinions and share their ideas, which we believe are the cornerstone of our success. We firmly believe that our employees are our most valuable asset, and we frequently organize online and offline events to bring everyone together.

The Employer of Choice rankings by Asian Legal Business, a Thomson Reuters publication, is based on the results of a survey that is open to employees of law firms, from the paralegal level right up to managing partner, and includes non-legal roles as well. It quizzes respondents on a variety of issues, ranging from career prospects within their firm to mentorship opportunities and work-life balance. The list includes the best law firms to work with across the Asia Pacific region.

We are honored to be recognized as an Employer of Choice, and we remain committed to providing our employees with an outstanding workplace that fosters personal and professional growth, creativity, and collaboration.

For more information about the reward, click here to read further on Asian Legal Business’s website or E-magazine.