| Kongkoch Yongsavasdikul

Giztix Raised Series B Funding to Develop the Startup’s Technology and Transportation services.

Giztix series B funding

Kudun and Partners represented Giztix with respect to series B fund raising led by Bualuang Ventures and WHA Group, with total funding of more than THB 260 million (USD 7.75 million), to develop the startup’s technology and transportation services, expand its network to provide pan-country logistics services, and invest in marketing and sales.

Giztix is an online logistics marketplace that gathers transporters for shippers for various types of Full Truck Load (FTL) services, imports and exports.

The transaction was led by partner, Kongkoch Yongsavasdikul and assisted by associates, Suchaya Tangsiri and Andaman Buranasiripat.

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