When launching a new startup,

When launching a new startup, we completely understand many potential difficulties and pitfalls you may face in growing, scaling up and raising funds for your startup at every stage: pre-seed and seed funding, series A, series B, exit strategy, etc. Over the years, we have seen many startups make the same significant legal and business mistakes, all of which could have been avoided. We are here to guide, assist and support startup founders and entrepreneurs every step of the way .

We offer consultation services and solutions for both Thai and foreign startups on strategic and operational phases, including startup development, company secretary services, fundraising, business/commercial contracts, employment and intellectual property law, corporate law, and related regulatory compliance.

  • Startup


    We will help you to grow your startup by providing professional consultancy services, coaching, mentoring and support. Our services will include a gap analysis on the startup business model, preparation of an impressive pitch deck and connecting your startup with potential investors, as well as facilitating their growth in the startup ecosystem in Thailand.

  • Company

    secretary services

    Our services cover structuring, planning and providing corporate solutions for your startups, including incorporation and other services, all requirements under the Civil and Commercial Code of Thailand, and preparing all application documents, government filings, maintaining records and share register books, etc.

  • Fund


    We will provide you with all necessary tools to give you the best possible chances of success at fundraising. Our services include due diligence investigation of startups to ensure that startups comply with the relevant laws. We then share this information with the investors so that they can evaluate a startup’s business before investing. In addition, we also assist with all necessary transactional documents until the closing of the deal. There are various well recognized options for financing your startups, such as finding angel investors, venture capital, accessing crowdfunding platforms or raising funds through private placement on capital markets by offering newly issued shares and convertible debentures (PP-SME). These investments are an excellent fit for fast-growth businesses like startups.

  • Business

    commercial contracts

    We can provide templates for business/commercial contracts, including non-disclosure agreement, founder’s agreement, shareholder’s agreement, terms and conditions, and other legal documents that you may need, as well as advice on key aspects of different types of contracts applicable to your business to minimize risks and avoid any disputes at a later date.

  • Employment

    We provide advice and guidance on employment law related issues.

  • Intellectual


    We provide advice on how to secure your startup’s intellectual property as well as protect it against potential intellectual property risks from third parties. We focus on the intellectual property, namely patent, trademark, and copyright, and provide guidance on how to avoid infringing on the intellectual property of others.

  • Corporate Advisory

    and Mergers & Acquisitions

    Our corporate lawyers deliver solutions on the following matters: Mergers & Acquisitions, Joint Ventures & Strategic Alliances, General Corporate Law, Commercial Contracts, Private Equity Investments, Corporate Restructurings, and Corporate Advisory Services on reorganization and restructuring for buyer and seller due diligence through closing and integration, as well as fundraising, acquisitions and exits.

  • Regulatory


    While startups are sometimes brilliant and innovative in their ideas, they often overlook essential requirements under the laws, rules and regulations governing their businesses. We are committed to helping our clients to navigate through these risks and ensure they remain in compliance with regulatory standards.