Kudun and Partners Demonstrates Commitment to Supporting Makut Kiriwan School for the Blind

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As part of our annual lawyer’s retreat, we had the privilege of visiting the Mongkut Kiriwan School for the Blind (โรงเรียนสอนคนตาบอดมกุฏคีรีวัน) in Khao Yai. We extended our support by donating essential supplies worth THB 5,000 with a monetary donation of THB 38,000 from all members of the firm making a total contribution of over THB 40,000 to the school.

Makut Kiriwan School for the Blind, the 15th of its kind in Thailand, caters to students aged 3 to 12. The school is dedicated to nurturing individual talents and providing a solid foundation for the personal and social development of the students. It is in light of this mission that we wish to contribute to their cause.

The heartwarming project was led by Thitawan Thanasombatpaisarn, partner, and associates, Rujisaya Bubpaprobhm and Korapat Sukhummek.  The project champions played a pivotal role in organising and executing our initiative at the Makut Kiriwan School for the Blind, reinforcing Kudun and Partners’ commitment to corporate and social responsibility and fostering a culture of giving back to society.

About Kudun and Partners Initiatives for Positive Social Impact

Kudun and Partners remains committed to contributing back to the community through our various CSR initiatives and provision of pro bono services. We understand that our responsibility goes beyond advising clients and it is imperative for us to help the communities to which we belong. We want to inspire not only our colleagues but also our clients and friends to make a difference.

Our CSR is mainly focused on the top UN Sustainable Development Goals, which are:

    1. No Poverty
    2. Zero Hunger
    3. Good Health and Well Being
    4. Quality Education

We are determined to help charitable organisations through pro bono services as we believe our knowledge and effort can make a difference for the society.

If you wish to know more about our firm’s CSR program, reach out to us at bdmc@kap.co.th