| Kudun Sukhumananda

Kudun addresses the topic “PDPA: From a Practical Perspective” at the ISAT seminar


Kudun Sukhumananda, our founding partner was invited to be a speaker on the topic “PDPA: From a Practical Perspective” by the International Schools Association of Thailand (ISAT). By understanding deeply how international schools work, he shared his concerns and the urgency for all schools to take preventive measures and put in mitigation plans to comply with the data privacy law. He also participated in the panel discussion to discuss the repercussion of non-compliance on PDPA, which is set to be enforced in less than 3 months (June 1, 2021) in Thailand.

Apart from Kudun, the seminar was also attended by our senior associate, Nattaya Tantirangsi, the firm’s leading data privacy expert.


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KAP Cloud, a subsidiary of Kudun and Partners, an independent law firm together with 2Fellows, a digital and technology solution provider, is teaming up as K2F to provide a comprehensive solution for your PDPA compliance. We believe technology and legal expertise needs to come hand in hand to address this issue.

We are keen to understanding your business and in helping you achieve your purpose in navigating the complex regulation of data.

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