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Facilitating SIRISOFT’s Successful Listing on the SET

Facilitating SIRISOFT’s Successful Listing on the SET

Kudun and Partners have successfully assisted SIRISOFT PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED (SRS), a company specialising in consulting and software development for prominent corporations, on their Initial Public Offering (IPO) project. SRS submitted an application to the Office of the Securities and Exchange Commission of Thailand (SEC) seeking permission to offer 40 million shares to investors within Thailand at an IPO price of THB 16 per share, totaling THB 640 million. Additionally, SRS applied to the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) for the listing of 160 million shares on the market for Alternative Investment (MAI), with its first trading day being on October 10, 2023.

The IPO process encompassed thorough due diligence, the conversion of SRS’s corporate structure from a limited company to a public limited company, extensive legal research, and the drafting of comprehensive documentation to ensure full compliance with regulatory requirements. Our team worked closely with SRS to navigate the intricacies of securities law, corporate governance, and disclosure obligations, ensuring the offering’s strict adherence to all applicable laws and regulations.

We are pleased to have played a part in this significant milestone for our client. Our team’s diligent work in structuring the transaction, conducting thorough legal reviews, and providing strategic advice contributed to the successful listing of SRS on SET. This event signifies a notable achievement in SRS’s corporate journey, allowing them to access the public markets and pursue their growth potential.

Our dedicated legal team, under the leadership of Mayuree Sapsutthiporn and Thitawan Thanasombatpaisarn, with the support of Rujisaya Bubpaprohm, Kodchakorn Laungratanamas, Tossavajra Siriratusdorn, and Natthamol Dechpokked, played a pivotal role in facilitating this transaction.

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