Sharing insights on Legal Issues and Case Studies in Family Business Mergers & Acquisitions

On May 28, 2024, Ekachai Chotpitayasunon and Kongkoch Yongsavasdikul, partners at Kudun and Partners, were invited as speakers at a seminar organized by the Association of Family Business Entrepreneurs (AFBE). The seminar, held recently, focused on the critical topic of “Merger & Acquisition in Family Business: Legal Issues and Case Study”.

During their insightful session, Ekachai and Kongkoch delved into the intricate legal dimensions of mergers and acquisitions, highlighting the essential legal frameworks and regulations that govern these transactions. They also addressed the significant tax considerations that play a crucial role in M&A processes, offering practical advice to help family businesses navigate these complex financial landscapes.

Furthermore, they discussed a range of issues unique to family-owned enterprises, emphasizing the importance of strategic planning and thorough due diligence to ensure successful mergers and acquisitions. Their expert analysis and case studies provided attendees with a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and opportunities inherent in M&A activities within family businesses.

This participation underscored Kudun and Partners’ commitment to supporting family businesses through expert legal counsel and strategic guidance.