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Speaker on “Financial Laws for Non-Lawyer Executive” organized by Omega World Class

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Kudun Sukhumananda, Partner and Co-head of capital markets, Kudun and Partners was invited to be a speaker at the “Financial Laws for Non-Lawyer Executive” seminar organized by Omega World Class on March 2, 2023 at Anantara Siam Hotel, Bangkok. Drawing on his expertise in capital markets and corporate finance, Kudun shared his insights and knowledge on latest capital markets, securities law, and securities and exchange act, including key implications on corporate finance in Thailand.

Key Learning Points

    • Updated Insights & Implications on regulatory framework & regulation issues and enforcements
    • Structuring the issuance of preferred shares: Key legal concerns, rules & procedures
    • Listing Requirements & Disclosure Obligation on listed Companies in the Thai Capital Market: Latest Regulatory & Enforcement
    • Recent legal insights on corporate finance instruments & transactions e.g. convertible bonds
    • Preferred shares and warrants, equity & debt financing and debenture bond, debt securities offerings and stock exchange listings

The course on “Financial Law for Non-Lawyer Executives” aimed to enhance attendees’ understanding of financial regulations and provide an opportunity to interact with legal experts from a reputed law firm. Through one-on-one discussions with the speakers, attendees could gain new perspectives and decision-making approaches to overcome the challenges facing their firms. The course intended to help non-legal executives maximize their firm’s potential and navigate complex financial landscapes with confidence.

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