Troy shares insights on AI legal and regulatory considerations at the WSG Asia Pacific Regional Meeting 2024 in Tokyo

Our partner and Head of International Practice, Troy Schooneman, along with Mayuree Sapsutthiporn, partner and Head of China Practice, recently participated in the WSG Asia Pacific Regional Meeting in Tokyo on April 24, 2024. World Services Group (WSG) is the leading global network of independent firms, offering an exclusive platform to connect its members with top-tier legal firms and their multinational clients worldwide.

During the event, Troy, who served as Chair of the WSG Asia Pacific Regional Council in 2023-2024, shared his insights during a panel discussion focusing on AI and regulatory considerations. He was joined by Christopher Studebaker from IBM, Daniel Jarrett and Takafumi Ochiai from Atsumi & Sakai, and Maurice L. Rabb, Esq. from Temple University. The panel delved into the complexities and future direction of AI within the legal industry, underscoring its pivotal role and highlighting the necessity for legal professionals to stay ahead of the curve.

This experience highlighted not only the indispensable role of AI in molding the legal landscape but also emphasized the importance for us, as legal professionals, to remain at the forefront of technological advancements.