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B.Grimm Power’s acquisition of 49.9% shares in Kopos Co., Ltd.

b.grim kopos

Kudun and Partners represented B.Grimm Power Public Company Limited, through its subsidiary, in a cross-border acquisition of 49.9% shares in KOPOS Co., Ltd., a South Korean green energy company operating wind and solar photovoltaic energy projects with a combined capacity of 95.78 megawatts in South Korea, for a total value of approximately THB 116 million (USD 3.5 million).

The cross-border acquisition involved multiple phases and each phase of the acquisition requires project development approval from the South Korean authorities, requiring legal teams in Thailand and South Korea to ensure all the necessary compliance and investment procedures are satisfactory to the authorities.

The transaction was led by Kudun Sukhumananda and Chai Lertvittayachaikul, partners of the firm together with associates; Yanin Sirilak, Nutthar Hongchutchaval and Kamonrat Kongtheing.