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Kudun and Partners Assists Yunus Thailand on a pro bono project through Trustlaw, a Thomson Reuters Foundation


Kudun and Partners is pleased to share the successful delivery of a pro bono project undertaken to assist Yunus Thailand, a non-profit organisation devoted to achieving a World of 3 Zeros – Zero Net-Carbon Emission, Zero Poverty, and Zero Unemployment. The pro bono project centered around providing essential legal support on inquiries related to Thailand’s social enterprise law. Our team delved into three key areas:

    1. Comprehensive legal analysis on Thailand’s social enterprise law and and recommendations to relevant government counterparts.
    1. Recommendations on legal structures best suited for registration as a social enterprise in Thailand.
    1. Tax Guidance on entry into tax schemes, particularly Value Added Tax, addressing the unique needs of social enterprises with annual revenues exceeding THB 1.8 million.

Chai Lertvittayachaikul and Emi Rowse, partners at Kudun and Partners, led the initiative with support from Peerapong Pornpipatkul, Senior Associate, and associates Salinthip Anpattanakul and Thanpitcha Rojanawiboonchai.

We are honoured to contribute to Yunus Thailand, an organisation that shares our vision of fostering an inclusive economy where businesses not only thrive but also actively contribute to social and environmental well-being. Our collaboration embodies a shared dedication to fostering meaningful societal change at the intersection of law and social impact. As we move forward together, we eagerly anticipate supporting positive change and working towards making our community a better place.

About Kudun and Partners Initiatives for Positive Social Impact

Kudun and Partners is one of Thailand’s front-runner law firms that actively engages in pro bono cases for both domestic and international organizations. Our contribution ranges from conducting extensive legal research and comparative analysis to advising on structuring and governance, contract and policies. We believe that our vast expertise in various practices of law can help NGOs/CSOs/SEs in achieving smooth, secure, and sustainable operations, which will contribute to our joint goals of making a positive difference in the world.

We are committed to contributing back to the community through our various CSR initiatives and provision of pro bono services. We understand that our responsibility goes beyond advising clients and it is imperative for us to help the communities to which we belong. We want to inspire not only our colleagues but also our clients and friends to make a difference.

Our CSR is mainly focused on the top UN Sustainable Development Goals, which are:

    1. No Poverty
    2. Zero Hunger
    3. Good Health and Well Being
    4. Quality Education.

We are determined to help charitable organisations through pro bono services as we believe our knowledge and effort can make a difference for the society.

Should any of you have any interest or ideas in CSR activities, please do not hesitate to reach out to the BDMC team.