Welcoming the New Year with KAP Band

KAP Band

As part of our firm’s social activities, Kudun and Partners is once again, embracing creativity and diversity by joining together to form our newest venture – KAP Band. As one of the pioneering law firms in Thailand, we take pride in being amongst the first to bring together a live band consisting entirely of our legal professionals. Our band members dedicated over two months of practice after working hours to make this musical collaboration a reality.

Kudun Sukhumananda remarked, “In addition to our expertise in providing commercially sound legal advice, guiding through IPO processes, and excelling in courtroom litigation, our team is here to showcase a different side. From vocals to drums, guitars, and even the saxophone, our KAP Band adds a touch of musicality to our diverse skill set. Thanks to the team for making it possible!”

We extend our appreciation to the talented individuals who contributed to the success of KAP Band, spearheaded by Kudun Sukhumananda, Managing Partner, Pariyapol Kamolsilp, Partner and Co-head of Dispute Resolution, Litigation, and Arbitration Practice, and associates: Natdanai Chitsakdanon, Prangmook Channawan, Thanpitcha Rojanawiboonchai, Radit Kijkusol, and Matichai Poolperm