| Peerasanti Somritutai | Chavisa Jinanarong

Kudun and Partners is the author of Thailand’s Chapter of the Mergers & Acquisitions by Lexology

Merger and Acquisition

Kudun and Partners recently authored the Thailand Chapter of the In-Depth Mergers & Acquisitions – Edition 17 by Lexology, a practical overview of global M&A activity and the legal and regulatory frameworks governing M&A transactions in major jurisdictions worldwide. The chapter was written by Peerasanti Somritutai, partner of Kudun and Partners and co-head of real estate, hotels, resorts and tourism, together with Chavisa Jinanarong, an associate who also contributed to the writing. The Thailand Chapter offers insights into the diverse landscape of M&A transactions in the country.

The guide provides information on the shift in the purpose of M&A transactions in the post-COVID-19 era. While pre-pandemic transactions focused on project takeovers and joint ventures for additional capital, the current landscape sees a surge in foreign financial investors. M&A is now a strategic approach to address liquidity concerns and debt issues. The guide provides valuable insights for both strategic and financial investors navigating Thailand’s evolving M&A market.

Should you wish to know more on the Thailand chapter, please contact our authors.

To access the guide, please follow the Lexology website as per this link.

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