| Kudun Sukhumananda | Niruch Winiyakul

Kudun and Partners leads the first meeting of the largest group of creditors

On August 14, 2020, Kudun Sukhumananda, our founding partner, led the first meeting involving the largest group of creditors in Thai Airways Public Company Limited (“THAI”) business rehabilitation proceeding, Thailand’s largest-ever business rehabilitation proceeding to date, with debts estimated to be in excess of THB 352.49 billion (approximately USD 11.34 billion).
A total of 87 savings co-operatives; consisting of state-owned enterprises, universities, corporations and hospitals; holding an aggregate debt of THB 45.65 billion or approximately 65% of the airline’s debenture debts and 13% of the airline’s total debt, attended the meeting.
Also leading the meeting is Police Lt. General Wiroj Satayasansakul, พลตำรวจโทวิโรจน์ สัตยสัณห์สกุล, Chairman of Thailand’s Board of the Savings Co-operatives Community and Chairman of Thailand’s Office of the Savings Cooperative Community Office Ltd. of Nonthaburi Province, and Niruch Winiyakul, partner of our firm’s Dispute Resolution and Litigation Practice Group.