Partners of Kudun and Partners Recognised in the 2023 Asia Business Law Journal’s A-List Top 100 Lawyers in Thailand

Partners of Kudun and Partners Recognised in the 2023 Asia Business Law Journal’s A-List Top 100 Lawyers in Thailand

We are delighted to announce the inclusion of Kudun Sukhumananda, Troy Schooneman, Pariyapol Kamolsilp, Mayuree Sapsutthiporn, Thanyaluck Thongrompo, and Emi Rowse (Igusa), our esteemed partners, in the prestigious 2023 Asia Business Law Journal’s A-List – Thailand’s Top 100 Lawyers.

This recognition underscores their exceptional standing among the top 100 lawyers in Thailand. Determined through extensive research and nominations from in-house counsel and Thailand-focused partners at global law firms, this accomplishment reflects the unwavering commitment and expertise of our outstanding team. Congratulations to each of them for this well-deserved acknowledgment.

Clients’ feedback for our partners:

Thanyaluck Thongrompo

Thanyaluck Thongrompo, a partner at the Bangkok-based law firm Kudun & Partners, is referred to as “an excellent lawyer” by Akarawatt Kongsirikan, CEO of imported car company B Autohaus in Bangkok.

“She is very patient and takes time to understand my legal issues and provides very solid and workable solutions to move our business ahead,” says Kongsirikan. “She is also a good negotiator, having assisted us and provided us with advice on a joint venture project. I believe she deserves to be recognised as a top lawyer in Thailand.”

Thongrompo is also recommended by Ron Sirivanasandha, head of governmental and external affairs at luxury vehicles and motorcycles firm BMW Thailand in Bangkok, for being “a highly proficient attorney in the intricacies of foreign investment within the Thai legal landscape”.

“Her wealth of experience ensures that she can provide invaluable legal counsel regarding investment promotion for advancing your endeavours, characterised by her exceptional responsiveness,” adds Sirivanasandha.

Thongrompo’s colleague, partner and head of the China practice, Mayuree Sapsutthiporn, is another lawyer from Kudun & Partners who received compliments from clients.


Mayuree Sapsutthiporn

Samon Suwannarat, a partner at 10 Bridge Capital, an experienced group of Thailand-based investment professionals, has this to say about Sapsutthiporn: “Over the course of our partnership, Mayuree and Kudun & Partners have demonstrated the qualities and professionalism that not only make them stand out in their field, but also contribute to the larger legal landscape in an indelible manner.

“Their dedication, decisiveness, and the ability to deliver consistently have distinguished them as lawyers of unparalleled excellence.”


Pariyapol Kamolsilp

On matters of disputes, Pariyapol Kamolsilp, a partner at Kudun & Partners, also stands out from the crowd. He is applauded by Suchart Khaengnam, head of legal at the multinational electronics company LG Electronics in Bangkok.

“Pariyapol’s thoughtful and well-considered approach to our legal matters reflects a commitment to moving forward in a manner that is both smart and strategic,” says Khaengnam. “His insights and recommendations have been instrumental in shaping our decision-making processes as we navigate complex legal landscapes.

“His ability to operate seamlessly when managing our legal concerns speaks to a level of professionalism comparable to some of the bigger global lawyers in Thailand. His ability to address intricate legal issues while keeping the broader corporate context in mind is second to none.”

Kamolsilp is also praised by Preecha Piriyapanyaporn, vice president of legal and compliance at the real estate company Major Development Public in Bangkok. Piriyapanyaporn thanks Kamolsilp for his “smart strategy and excellent legal perspective” that “has produced many effective results” for the company.


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