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Kudun and Partners represents Bay Computing Co., Ltd.’s entire business transfer (EBT) and an offshore structuring for the sale of shares to Beryl 8 Plus PCL for the total value of THB 1.4 billion

Bay Computing

Kudun and Partners represented Bay Computing Co., Ltd. (“Baycoms”), an IT security system solution provider, on the sale of its retail unit selling computers and peripheral units in specialized stores to Beryl 8 Plus Public Company Limited (“BE8”), a Thai-listed company in the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET), for a total value of THB 1.439 billion, through a two-tiered transaction. The transactions involved an entire business transfer (EBT) for approximately THB 1.24 billion and an offshore structuring for the sale of shares in Baycoms to BE8 for approximately THB 200 million.

The transaction was led by Kudun Sukhumananda and Ekachai Chotpitayasunon, partners of Kudun and Partners together with Thitawan Thanasombatpaisarn, senior associate, and assisted by associates, Natdanai Chitsadanon, Chuenkamol Viriya, and Teerachai Boonyaratgalin